SEND Community Alliance

The Community for SEND Campaigners

The Community for SEND Campaigners

A collaboration of people and organisations who want to improve SEND provision for children and young people with disabilities.

SEND Community Alliance: Join us to help #FixSEND

There is a crisis in SEND, of this there is no doubt. SEND Community Alliance has been formed to try to ensure that those tasked with fixing it hold the perspectives of families at the centre of everything they do.

Up until now, those who have the power to change things for the better have done everything but that.

Local authorities fret about sky-high rates of appeals to the SEND tribunal - that they almost always lose - while politicians scratch their heads over why costs for SEND are increasing.

The pandemic has widened the schisms that already existed.

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Meanwhile, families are the ones at the sharp end, yet with little to no power.

They are busy caring and advocating for their disabled children and young people, the ones who are being continually failed by a SEND system whose reforms were supposed to put them at the heart of the process.

Parents and young people have been locked out of meaningful decision-making for too long.

Co-production is largely a joke that's long ceased to be funny. Consultations by councils end with views being disregarded. Their policies and daily decision-making are often unlawful.

Many schools fail to read or apply guidance and legislation. They fail to involve parents of disabled children where the law clearly says they must. But this is not the wild west - the Children and Families Act is not optional. Adhering to its tenets needs to become a reality - an everyday happening and a partnership at every level.

The four of us, Special Needs Jungle, SEND National Crisis, SEND Action and our newest member, SOS!SEN, are campaigning to #FixSEND. If you want the same things we do, please join us. Whether you're an individual, a community group or local charity, a SEND practitioner, or a commercial company dedicated to helping children with SEND, you are welcome to join us as members of affiliated organisations.

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