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SEND National Crisis is an award-winning (ADHD Foundation Outstanding Achievement Award 2019) parent-led volunteer campaign group that has united disabled children and young people along with their families, professionals and other supporters around England and Wales, raising awareness of the national crisis in SEND education and demand that the Government acts to end the flawed system in funding and delivering education, health and social care provision.  

We started out in 2018 when co-founders Nadia Turki and Poppy Rose were chatting on social media groups and realised many parents were in the same situation as them;  their children were being failed and without appropriate education or indeed any education at all. This was not just locally but was happening throughout England and Wales.  They decided to take action rather than just keep talking about the crisis and hey presto, SEND National Crisis was born and national action was decided on with a petition that was shared amongst other parent groups that shared similar concerns such as SEND Action.

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In addition to the petition it was decided to take to the streets on Thursday 30 May 2019 to demonstrate across England and Wales in the first national action of it’s kind and with the support of Sharon recruiting regional coordinators the SEND National Crisis March took place in 28 location with thousands of supporters on the streets, high streets, parks and beaches all starting at 1pm following the petition hand in to the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street.  The unprecedented action was covered by local and national press and TV and trended on Twitter #SENDNationalCrisis.

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We believe that the SEND reforms 2014 are not being effectively adhered to and there is no accountability for those not following the law and that parents and carers should be at the forefront of consultation to make the reforms work and keep our children at the centre of the process.  They are facing direct descrimination in accessing their fundamental and human right to an education that will help them to achieve their full potential. Having had support from SEND Action and Special Needs Jungle during our march campaign we are pleased to be collaborating with them on a more permanent basis as part of the SEND Community Alliance and uniting further with others to become #strongertogether

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